Good gods

Oct. 17th, 2010 10:13 pm
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The druid is 55. He's got achievements stating he hit 40 and 50 on the same day.

Not flying tonight, since pugs and disconnects are frequent and loopy, but - tomorrow!
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So. The nelf has her hippogryph, and new talents, along with a decent group buff finally. I may be leveling her last for the coming apocralypse. The dwarf is 42 and a complete healer, which is oddly easier despite the group heals being moved to higher levels. The orc is still lacking her [Exalted Legplates]. She is still not fully Kor'kron Elite and I am sad if they go.

This leaves the druid of the talon, who is at a whopping 44 out of 60 already. He's a balance druid, so he gets the new eclipse bar, which is both v. good and v. weird. You use spells, you go one way - you use the other spells when it reaches one end.

I swear this initial buffing of every single class is intentional. They want us leveling like mad before SPOILER ALERT arrives. This worries me in a primal sort of way. This is walking into a room, as in Doom2, and finding it stuffed with ammo and armor. What the hell is behind that next door?

I like to have my dwarf freak right the fuck out every time there's an earthquake. I still have to discover if it's random everywhere in every zone, or if any of them are synchronized. If it's synchronized...dayumn.


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