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2012-03-02 01:33 pm


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2010-11-23 08:49 pm
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And then

The WORLD exploded.
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2010-10-20 09:56 am
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Druid of the Talon achieved!
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2010-10-17 10:13 pm
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Good gods

The druid is 55. He's got achievements stating he hit 40 and 50 on the same day.

Not flying tonight, since pugs and disconnects are frequent and loopy, but - tomorrow!
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2010-10-14 10:02 am

Patch 4, beginning of the end

So. The nelf has her hippogryph, and new talents, along with a decent group buff finally. I may be leveling her last for the coming apocralypse. The dwarf is 42 and a complete healer, which is oddly easier despite the group heals being moved to higher levels. The orc is still lacking her [Exalted Legplates]. She is still not fully Kor'kron Elite and I am sad if they go.

This leaves the druid of the talon, who is at a whopping 44 out of 60 already. He's a balance druid, so he gets the new eclipse bar, which is both v. good and v. weird. You use spells, you go one way - you use the other spells when it reaches one end.

I swear this initial buffing of every single class is intentional. They want us leveling like mad before SPOILER ALERT arrives. This worries me in a primal sort of way. This is walking into a room, as in Doom2, and finding it stuffed with ammo and armor. What the hell is behind that next door?

I like to have my dwarf freak right the fuck out every time there's an earthquake. I still have to discover if it's random everywhere in every zone, or if any of them are synchronized. If it's synchronized...dayumn.
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2010-10-05 09:30 am


Got a lot of shit I wanna try with this place, but that involves the WoW model viewer and time.